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About Birmingham City

Birmingham municipal emblem and American flag
Birmingham City
City of Birmingham, Alabama, USA. MAP
Profile of Birmingham
バルカン像  The City of Birmingham is in Alabama, which is located in the southeastern part of United States. Birmingham is the industrial, economical and cultural center of Alabama. Birmingham adopted Vulcan, the patron of the forge, as the symbol of its mining industry. As the main industry in Birmingham, medicine recently has taken the place of the mining industry. There is a world-famous medical faculty at the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
 In the center of the city, there is a Civic Center. The multipurpose facility consists of an Exhibition Hall, Meeting Rooms, Concert Hall, Theatre, Coliseum, Sports Hall Of Fame Museum, Medical Products Mart, Medical Education, Continuing Education, Communication and a Hotel. It is the focal point for art, cultural activities and sports.
日本庭園 灯篭  There are also many parks including a Japanese garden. Birmingham has a rich living environment.
 The city of Hitachi established a sister city relationship with Birmingham on April 23, 1982. The two cities share a similar industrial development which brought about this relationship and enhances it today.
 We have had many exchanges from youth groups and the exchanging of the Statue of Vulcan and a Stone Lantern, since the establishment of the sister city relationship.
 Ibaraki University also has established a sister university relationship with the University of Alabama at Birmingham.
アメリカ合衆国 アラバマ州 バーミングハム
-- Metropolis of Birmingham City --
Birmingham City DATA
  Birmingham City Hitachi City(Reference)
Nation The United States of
Establishment December 19,1871 September 1,1939
Area 393.5km/td> 225.45km/td>
Population 242,820
(as of Dec,2012)
(as of Dec,2012)
Average Annual Temperature 16.3℃ 14.0℃
Annual Rainfall 1,290mm 1,250mm
Currency US Dollar Japanese Yen
Main Industry Medical treatment
Medical instruments products
Manufacturing industry, Agriculture
Distance Between Japan about11,600km  
Time Difference Between Japan Nov.〜Mar.  -15h

Apr.〜Oct.  -14h
(Summer Time)
Flight Time about 14h  
-- Sights of Birmingham City --
バーミングハム市 バーミングハム市
バーミングハム市 バーミングハム市
バーミングハム市 バーミングハム市
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