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Hitachi International Association Friendship Salon Facilities

Internet Corner
You can use Internet, E-mail, and other applications.
Reading Corner
You can read foreign papers and magazines.
Bulletin Board Corner
We put up notices concerning HIA and regarding upcoming event information. Information from the international exchange volunteer groups are also available for inspection.
Sister Cities Information Corner
We introduce the outline of our sister cities  Birmingham City (Alabama, USA) and Tauranga City (New Zealand). We also show exchange events between two cities in pictures.
TV & Video Corner
You can enjoy multi-channel broadcasting and videos.
Friendship Lounge
On weekdays 1:30 p.m. - 4:00 p.m. HIA volunteer members welcome you to enjoy chatting, exchanging views over a cup of coffee or tea.
Please feel free to join us and share a good time with some new friends.
Drink Corner
Help yourself to drink coffee and tea.

HIA 日立市 国際交流サロン 日本の伝統行事 日本の伝統行事
A display about traditional Japanese events is to greet you.
HIA 日立市 国際交流サロン 案内 HIA 日立市 国際交流サロン 交流を深めるスペース
HIA 日立市 国際交流サロン 案内 交流を深めるスペース
Our Friendship Salon was opened in 1998 to provide a space for interaction and cross-cultural communication between the citizens of Hitachi City and people of other cultures.
HIA 日立市 国際交流サロン イベントのお知らせ掲示板 イベントのお知らせ掲示板 Personal messages may be posted on the "Information Board" to exchange information, search for language partners, and so on. (Messages will need to be approved by the HIA before they are posted and will be checked for their relevance to the board.)

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