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Volunteers focused on
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Hitachi International Association About HIA Our Member

[ As of Mar.1st,2013 / 36Associate Members ]

Schools and Education-related Members(5members)
Ibaraki Christian University
College of Engineering, Ibaraki University
Hitachi School Principal Association
Hitachi Education Research Association
Hitachi Private Kindergarten Federation
Corporation Members(10members)
Hitachi Medical Association
Japan Agricultural Cooperatives. Ibaraki Hitachi
Nippon Mining & Metals Co,. Ltd. Hitachi Works
Hitachi City Financial Syndicate
Hitachi Fishing Promotion Association
Hitachi Amateur Sports Association
Japan Agricultural Cooperatives. Hitachitaga
Hitachi City Cultural Foundation
Hitachi Works, Hitachi,Ltd
Junior Chamber International Hitachi
Various Groups Members(21members)
Girl Scouts Hitachi City International Exchange Board
Hitachi Citizens' Alliance for Creating Global Environment
The Citizen Association for Support of the Dreams and Hopes of the Cambodian Children
"SAKURA" Volunteer Network for International Exchange
Hitachi-ko Rotary Club
Hitachi Neighborhood Children's Development Association
Hitachi Community Action Committee
Hitachi Federation of Regional Women's Organizations
Hitachi Cultural Association
Hitachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Hitachi Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Workshop for Women
Hitachi Young Business Executive Workshop
Hitachi Chuo Lions Club
Hitachi-Bangladesh Cultural Forum
Hitachi South Rotary Club
Hitachi UNESCO Association
Hitachi Lions Club
Hitachi Rotary Club
Friendly Anzu

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