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TEL / FAX  :  0294-37-1483
E-Mail  :   KIWI-HITACHI CLUB mail
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Chairperson Yumiko Morimura
Founded October, 2003
The Purpose of
To improve mutual cultural understanding between the city of Tauranga and Hitachi through activities involving citizens of both cities.
Number of Members 20(as of Feb. 2013)
Annual Membership
1,000yen per year
Outline of Activities
  • International exchange centered mainly on Tauranga, and home・stay arrangements
  • Introduction of Tauranga's local products at the Hitachi Industrial Festival
  • Mutual exchange between foreign guests and the members, support and home・stay
  • Other events selected by the members
Activity Object
New Zealand
Object Language English
Publication none
Main Programs
in 2012
  • Nov. 17-18,2012:Participation in the Hitachi Industrial Festival
    Introduction of Tauranga's local products
  • Mar. 17,2013:The 9th KIWI FESTIVAL
    Introduction of NZ culture, cricket, etc
  • On requests:Home stay programs
Main Programs
in 2013
Edition in progress
Messages The most important thing about our activities is to practice doing warm-hearted international exchange and to maintain friendly relations with sister cities.


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