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Planning Group Activities

Hitachi International Association HIA Planning Group Activities
The HIA activities conducted mainly by its Planning Group rest on five pillars such as sister-city exchange programs, exchange and support programs to Hitachi City foreign residents, networking with the international volunteer groups, etc.

Sister-City Exchange Projects
This group organizes exchange projects with the sister cities and other foreign countries.  It also offers foreigners the chance to experience various aspects of traditional Japanese culture through tea ceremony, calligraphy, Zen meditation programs, and so on.

Japanese Language Class Projects
Providing "Beginners" and "Step-up" Japanese teaching tutorials to volunteers who desire to teach Japanese to foreign residents.

International Understanding and Cooperation Projects
The International Understanding & Cooperation Group carries out activities relating to International Understanding and Peace. Exhibitions and seminars are held which endeavor to heighten Hitachi citizens'interest and awareness in such subjects.

Living Culture Information Projects
The Cultural Information Group is intended to provide not only HIA members but also Hitachi City residents with various information regarding international exchange. It also offers useful information on living in Hitachi/Japan for foreign residents by means of an internet website.

Networking Projects
The Networking Group organizes many workshops to encourage networking and to facilitate information exchange among various groups. Also, they play a central role in the operation of the Friendship Salon.

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